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We have an encrypted website

October 13, 2014
October 13, 2014

An encrypted website for protection

We have an encrypted website, your privacy on our website is important. We’ve implemented the same level of security that you would find on a website selling products. Our decision to do this was prompted after the Heartbleed virus attack in April of this year. Although we do not require you to provide us with any confidential or sensitive information this is just added security.

We made the necessary changes that every page you visit on our website will be encrypted from eavesdropping. You should not see any changes with our website other than a second or two for a page to load. Once loaded you will see the lock in the URL(https://) bar indicating that you are on a secured page. Feel free to surf our website for any of the residential, commercial or industrial services you require with confidence that no one can see what you are doing.
You can check our SSL Report here Nolanco Roofing Security

Qualys SSL Labs for our encrypted website